The Boxer Rebellion

Promises: Limited Sea Blue Vinyl LP


Release Date: 8 December, 2023

Produced and mixed in Los Angeles by Billy Bush, this collection of 11 tracks is the hi-fi soaring piece of work that truly delivers on the band’s epic, signature sound. According to Matt Collar of All Music: “The Boxer Rebellion have once again delivered a set of yearning rock anthems, full of searing romanticism and brooding atmosphere, and the release ranks as one of their best.”

Working with producer Billy Bush, the band let go of their longstanding love of organic analogue recording in favour of a more adventurous, sonically crisp sound. The result is that Promises has a vibrant, wide-angle lens perfectly suited to the band’s buoyant lyricism and guitar rock uplift. Tracks like the lead-off "Diamonds" and the sparkling "Keep on Moving" frame lead singer Nathan Nicholson's gentle yet impassioned vocals with driving drum beats and layers of delayed and processed guitars that build slowly to each song’s emotional climax. 

Elsewhere, cuts like “Always” and "Take Me Back" mix percussive, electronic, dance-influenced beats with '80s new wave-influenced melodies. These are songs that have a cinematic quality, each one feeling eerily as if you’ve heard it in a film. This immediate, imagistic quality means that the songs stick with you long after you’ve heard them, and as the title implies, with Promises, the Boxer Rebellion never let you down.”
Includes the singles “Diamonds,” “Keep Moving,” “Promises"

1. Diamonds
2. Fragile
3. Always
4. Take Me Back
5. Low
6. Keep Moving
7. New York
8. Safe House
9. You Belong To Me
10. Dream
11. Promises

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Vinyl LP