Race The Night: Limited Translucent Violet Vinyl LP + Signed Print


Release Date: 15 September, 2023

Race The Night, the band’s eighth studio album, will be released on 15th September 2023 via one of their earliest label homes Fierce Panda. With 29 years, 18 hit singles, seven studio albums and an unfathomable number of tour dates since their appearance on the label’s 1994 Crazed And Confused compilation, Race The Night is both a party with old friends and a message to leap into the present with arms wide open.

Fitting then that the lead single should be the album’s title-track, with its super-charged and widescreen anthemia being the perfect primer for a record that has melodies to spare. “Before the shadows let us go, and it’s too late, to race the night” sings lead vocalist and guitarist Tim Wheeler as the band feel the heat of obsession on their backs and motor away to grab hold of opportunity.

Wheeler comments: “Race the Night is the sound of the band revelling in the sheer joy of being a band after being separated by time and distance through the insanity of the early 2020s. Lyrically it's all about seizing the crossroads moments in life with both hands. Take every chance as if it could be your last.”


A1. Race The Night
A2. Usual Places
A3. Reward In Mind
A4. Oslo (feat. Démira)
A5. Like A God
A6. Peanut Brain

B1. Crashed Out Wasted
B2. Braindead
B3. Double Dare
B4. Over & Out
B5. Like A God (Reprise)

Fierce Panda