Tom Sheehan

Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls: Hardback Book (Signed by author Tom Sheehan)


Sorry Sold Out

Signed by the author Tom Sheehan.

Foreword by Radiohead's Ed O'Brien

Explore the story of Radiohead - perhaps the finest band of a generation - through the lens of legendary Melody Maker chief photographer Tom Sheehan.

Through more than 150 photographs and Sheehan's first-hand memories and stories, journey into the eye of a musical storm. From their earliest days as indie upstarts, through the wild, all-conquering years of OK Computer and into the experimental soundscapes beyond, Tom Sheehan captured Radiohead's world in breathtaking detail.

Covering recording sessions, live performances, studio portraits and moments snatched on tour around the world, these photographs - many of which have never been published before - paint an intimate picture of a band pushing the boundaries of music.

Accompanied by a biography of Radiohead from C raig McLean (Associate Editor, The Face) telling the band's story through his own meetings and interviews with them, this beautiful book is a unique visual record of the musical journey of an incredible band.