Mura Masa

Raw Youth Collage: Limited Red Vinyl LP


Release Date: 17 January, 2020

‘R.Y.C’ (or ‘Raw Youth Collage’) - an ambitious and exciting left-turn from an artist and producer whose ability to always surprise is matched only by his remarkably consistent, singular vision. Breathing new life into - amongst other things – New Wave, Emo, Folk and 90s Rave – tracks like ‘No Hope Generation’ reinvent Mura Masa's sound whilst also paying tribute to the alternative roots which shaped him when he first became a genuine musical outsider, growing up in the remote island of Guernsey. And it’s this fondness for the music of adolescence – reworked in thoroughly modern, bedroom-pop fashion – that became an analogue for the theme of the album as a whole.

Side A
1. Raw Youth Collage     
2. No Hope Generation     
3. I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again (with Clairo)     
4. a meeting at an oak tree (with Ned Green)     
5. Deal Wiv It (with slowthai)     

Side B
1. vicarious living anthem     
2. In My Mind     
3. Today (with Tirzah)     
4. Live Like We’re Dancing (with Georgia)     
5. Teenage Headache Dreams (with Ellie Rowsell)     
6. ‘(nocturne for strings and a conversation)’

Vinyl LP