Replica: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 14 June, 2024

Pure emotion translates to any arena. Dayseeker graft raw feeling to fluid soundscapes, revolving in an unpredictable orbit around hard rock, electronic, pop, and indie. This time around, the musicians fearlessly strip everything back and deliver ten acoustic tracks, reimagining nine staples from their catalog and serving up a stirring cover. ‘Replica’ features collaborations with Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo and Holding Absence’s Lucas Woodland.

With the new album Replica, Dayseeker prove that they are one of Post-Hardcore’s versatile and shining lights and a leading band in the genre.


1. Sleeptalk (Acoustic)
2. Without Me (Acoustic) ft Amber DeLaRosa
3. Neon Grave (Acoustic)
4. Starving To Be Empty (Acoustic) ft Lucas Woodland
5. Homesick (Acoustic)
6. Crying While You’re Dancing (Acoustic)
7. Burial Plot (Acoustic) ft Caleb Shomo
8. Drunk (Acoustic)
9. Afterglow (Acoustic)
10. My Immortal (Acoustic)

Spinefarm Records
Vinyl LP