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Siobhan Donaghy

Revolution in Me: 2CD


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Release Date: 8 December, 2023

20th Anniversary of Siobhan’s debut album after her departure from legendary girl band – Sugababes featuring her iconic tracks ‘Overrated’ and ’Twist of Fate’. The record was executive produced by Cameron McVey who worked with the bands Massive Attack, Portishead, All Saints, Sugababes and his wife Neneh Cherry.

The 2CD features 16 bonus tracks, including b-sides, alternate takes, rarities and 6 unreleased tracks.


1. Nothing But Song

2. Man Without Friends

3. Overrated

4. Little Bits

5. As You Like It

6. Next Human (XY)

7. Suasex

8. Twist Of Fate

9. Faces

10. Dialect

11. Revolution In Me

12. Iodine


1. Pop Illusion 

2. Fickle

3. Instances

4. Those Anythings

5. Thus Far

6. Don’t Know Why

7. I’m So Glad You’re Mine

8. Twist of Fate [Original Mix]

9. Nothing But Song [Alternative Mix]

10. Dialect [Alternative Mix]

11. Instances [Alternative Mix]

12. Overrated [Single Version]

13. Man Without Friends [Alternative Version]

14. Twist of Fate [Radio Edit]

15. Overrated [Radio Edit] 

`6. Pop Illusion [Luke Mornay Great Escape Mix]

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