The Lords Of The New Church

Rockers: Limited Splatter Vinyl LP


Release Date: 22 March, 2024

Remixed from original 2” master reels at Abbey Road by founder member Brian James to give a rockier contemporary sound to these original studio recordings.

Cover art painting by original Lords cover designer Graham Humphries

Edition of 700 only

The Lords of the New Church was an English/American gothic rock supergroup with a line-up consisting of four musicians from 1970s punk bands (Dead Boys, Sham 69, The Damned & The Barracudas). They were launched in 1982 until they disbanded in 1989. The band toured the world none stop adding extra musicians to some tours. Their stage antics became notorious early in their career, with Bators stunts on one occasion reportedly resulting in his clinical death for several minutes. They took advantage of the MTV era by providing as provocative videos as they could get away with.(or not, in the case of the Derek Jarman directed promo for ‘Dance with Me’). With successful singles high in the indie charts such as “Dance With Me”, “New Church”, “Russian Roulette”, “Open Your Eyes”.

Easy Action
Vinyl LP