Mykel Dunn +
Jagex Audio Team

RuneScape - Battleaxes and Ballads: Limited Red Vinyl LP


Release Date: 25 October, 2024

Old School RuneScape is synonymous with rock and metal, and there are whole generations whose music tastes have been influenced by watching RuneScape machinima of heavy tracks (‘RSMVs’). That’s why Jagex, Laced Records, and Regen Audio have united to celebrate classic (as well as some recent) RuneScape tracks with the Battleaxes and Ballads album on vinyl. 

Composer Mykel Dunn reinterprets beloved tunes including “Scape Main”, “Sea Shanty 2” and “Autumn Voyage” and applies some epic, battle metal performances and production. 

This LP release features 10 humongous-sounding tracks pressed to a solid red, heavyweight disc, housed in outer and inner sleeves adorned with adorable pixel art by OceanBytes.


1. Scape Main
2. Sea Shanty 2
3. Autumn Voyage
4. The Bane of Ashihama
5. Barbarianism
6. Wilderness
7. Amascut's Promise
8. More Than Meets the Eye
9. Sands of Time
10. Nightfall

Laced Records
Vinyl LP