Thievery Corporation

Saudade (10th Anniversary): Translucent Blue Vinyl LP


Release Date: 22 March, 2024

2024 is the 10th Anniversary of Saudade – the 7th studio album from one of the most influential and respected names on the electronic/dance music scene, Thievery Corporation. This is the first record to be completely devoted to their Bossa Nova roots, drawing influence from classic Brazilian performers like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gal Costa and Luis Bonfa.

Each track on Saudade is sung by one of five female vocalists (including longtime Thievery cohort LouLou Ghelichkhani, Elin Melgarejo, Nouvelle Vague singer Karina Zeviani, Argentine chanteuse Natalia Clavier, and former Bitter:Sweet singer/songwriter Shana Halligan. This album has been out of print on vinyl for a few years and the 10th Anniversary edition with be available in a new vinyl color.



  1. 1.     Decollage
  2. 2.     Meu Nego
  3. 3.     Quem Me Leva
  4. 4.     Firelight
  5. 5.     Sola In Citta
  6. 6.     No More Disguise
  7. 7.     Saudade


  1. 1.     Claridad
  2. 2.     Nos Dois
  3. 3.     Le Coeur
  4. 4.     Para Sempre
  5. 5.     Bateau Rouge
  6. 6.     Depth Of My Soul
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