Carly Cosgrove

See You In Chemistry: Bue/Cream Coloured Vinyl LP


Release Date: 15 December, 2023

Philadelphia trio Carly Cosgrove’s debut LP, See You In Chemistry, is about growth, but not the tidy, Instagram-ready kind. At its beginning, vocalist and guitarist Lucas Naylor is steady, stable, and happy: the work has been done, progress has been made, things are alright. Over the remaining 11 tracks, and across a complex, earworm patchwork of riotous emo punk, towering post-hardcore, mathy indie rock, and crystalline shoegaze, things fall apart: bands dissolve, friendships end, and self-doubt, depression and anxiety triple-team their way to victory over happiness.

See You In Chemistry is the band’s debut album, released in March 2022. They’ve since released two singles in 2023 as well as a remix of Foxing’s Bloodhound for their 10 Years of The Albatross release. The band continues to tour and build their online presence.

1. Sit ‘n” Bounce
2. Munck
3. Really Big Shrimp
4. The Cooliest? Don’t Ruin It 
5. The Great Doheny
6. Gamesphere
7. Rue the Day
8. Cloudblock
9. Headaches
10. Chowder
11. See You in Chemistry

Wax Bodega
Vinyl LP