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Shed Seven

See Youse At The Barras - Greatest Hits Live In Concert: Yellow Vinyl LP


Release date: 23 February, 2024

Recorded live at the Barrowlands in Glasgow on 3rd December 2002, and featuring iconic tracks including 'Going For Gold', 'Disco Down', 'She Left Me On Friday', 'On Standby' and 'Getting Better', Shed Seven's See Youse At The Barras is now available on 140 gram yellow vinyl.

Side A

1. Going For Gold
2. She Left Me On Friday
3. On Standby
4. Disco Down
5. Chasing Rainbows

Side B

1. Getting Down
2. Where Have You Been Tonight
3. Dolphin
4. Cry For Help
5. Devil In Your Shoes

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Vinyl LP