Meadow Meadow

Silhouettes: Signed Exclusive Blue Vinyl LP


Release Date: 24 September, 2021

Exclusive Transparent Blue Vinyl, strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide, album sleeve signed by Meadow Meadow.

Peter and James spent the last half-decade or so touring extensively together in Spring King, where a unique friendship was born. They went from “barely knowing each other, to living in each other's pockets for six years”, connecting deeply over the shared experience of growing up in towns surrounded by forests, lakes, reservoirs and canals. Meadow Meadow is a collaboration between vocals and nylon-string guitar recordings, housed within a strange, electronic world. They incorporate elements of field recordings and synthesised textures to give the songs depth to create a psychedelic wonderland filled with life-affirming warmth. Switching seamlessly between campfire-cosiness and a more expansive joy, their music is bursting with a giddy imagination and sonic treats that reward repeated listens.

Lead track DNO is a soft, otherworldly arrangement with meandering strings that unfurl like a summer daydream. The single features Alex Painter on saxophone and was produced by Mike Lindsay of LUMP and Tunng. Meadow Meadow delve into a broad palette of textures with their almost child-like, experimental approach to instrumentation, bringing in sections of shamisen anchored by weighted piano keys and a percussive pulse. It’s a masterwork in tension and release: a mosaic of sounds and influences that invite you to stand back and take it all in.

Practise Music
Vinyl LP