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Slow Death: CD


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Release Date: 5 August, 2016

While approaching their sixth full-length album, ‘Slow Death’, Carnifex possessed a distinct vision. The San Diego metal quintet would build on the expansiveness of 2014’s critically acclaimed Die Without Hope as they brought a definitive darkness to the fold.“We wanted to take the next step,” affirms Scott. “On the last album, we started utilizing orchestration and additional programming in terms of classical and electronic sounds. We elevated that to a new level here. That’s why there’s a dark vibe that runs through the whole album. It adds a layer of atmosphere that gives you a different feeling.”

Then again, Carnifex have always stood out within heavy music’s ranks. Their ability to temper darkened metal with a cinematic swell of orchestral flourishes made Die Without A Hope a fan and tastemaker favorite. The album would garner enthusiastic applause from the likes of Alternative Press, Outburn, Rock Sound, and many more in addition to bowing at #5 on Billboard’s US Hard Rock Chart—a career high for the band. As they destroyed venues alongside everyone from DevilDriver and Miss May I to Parkway Drive and Chelsea Grin, the boys began quietly amassing ideas for what would become Slow Death over the next two years.Working between San Diego and Newport Beach, Carnifex would entrust programming and co-production to friend and collaborator Mick Kenney [Anaal Nathrakh]. Ready to record in early 2016, they retreated to Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, FL. This time around, Jason Suecof [Trivium, Whitechapel] co-produced with Mark Lewis [Deicide, Cannibal Corpse] engineering and mixing.

The first single “Drown Me In Blood” begins with an ominous hum before snapping into a churning verse. Everything culminates on an invasively infectious refrain fueled by Scott’s signature growl.Elsewhere on Slow Death, “Necrotoxic” veers between sonic dread and destruction, while the acoustic “Life Fades to a Funeral” offers an entrancing reprieve amidst the chaos. The journey culminates on the final explosion of “Servants To The Horde,” which holds a special place in the musicians’ hearts.Carnifex began carving out that bond with the audience way back in 2005. Over the course of four albums—Dead in My Arms, The Diseased and the Poisoned, Hell Chose Me, and Until I Feel Nothing—the band attracted a diehard following. Engaging a hiatus in 2012, they returned a year later with a vicious and vigorous vitality. It’s only grown since and is on full display in Slow Death.

1. Dark Heart Ceremony
2. Slow Death
3. Drown Me In Blood
4. Pale Ghost
5. Black Candles Burning
6. Six Feet Closer To Hell
7. Necrotoxic
8. Life Fades To A Funeral
9. Countess Of The Crescent Moon
10. Servants To The Horde

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