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The Kinks

Soap Opera: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 14 July, 2023

The Kinks’ fourteenth studio album, from 1975, and a continuation of the band’s theatrical musical style from Preservation Acts 1 & 2.

Soap Opera is the grandest concept album the Kinks ever made, in which Ray Davies' tackled the topic of how ‘Ordinary people’ escape the doldrums with dreams of stardoms. In it, a musician called ‘Starmaker’ swaps lives with an ordinary man named Norman to better understand life.

Standout tracks are ‘A Face In The Crowd’, ‘Underneath The Neon Sign’ and the excellent ‘You Can’t Stop The Music’.

A faithfully reproduced gatefold heavyweight black 1LP, this is the album’s first re-press, apart from a limited edition US pressing in 2008, since the original LP release.

Another successful release, especially in the United States where it charted at #45.


Side A        
1. Everybody's a Star (Starmaker)
2. Ordinary People
3. Rush Hour Blues
4. Nine to Five
5. When Work Is Over
6. Have Another Drink

Side B        
1. Underneath the Neon Sign
2. Holiday Romance
3. You Make It All Worthwhile
4. Ducks on the Wall
5. (A) Face in the Crowd
6. You Can't Stop the Music

Vinyl LP