Hermanos Gutiérrez

Sonido Cósmico: Limited Pink Vinyl LP


Release Date: 14 June, 2024

On their latest album, Sonido Cosmico, Hermanos Gutiérrez embark on a sonic exploration that defies the conventional boundaries of instrumental music. The collection is a richly textured tapestry, interwoven with the intricate threads of Latin rhythms and ephemeral atmospherics: each track a vignette, a carefully crafted narrative without words, where the brothers' transcendent guitars speak in a language all their own.

There is a subtle sophistication in the way Hermanos Gutiérrez fuses the elemental with the experimental. The album resonates with the echoes of their Latin musical heritage, yet it is undeniably contemporary in its execution, both nuanced and expansive. 

Sonido Cosmico stands as a reflective mirror to the band's evolving artistry, united by music across age and geographical divides: a sound mosaic as celestial as its title, an expression of a band that has found its voice in the vast universe of modern instrumental music.



  1. Lágrimas Negras Negras 
  2. Low Sun 
  3. Cumbia Lunar 
  4. Abuelita 
  5. El Fantasma 
  6. It’s All In Your Mind 


  1. Sonido Cósmico
  2. Barrio Hustle 
  3. Until We Meet Again 
  4. Los Navegantes 
  5. Luz Y Sombra 
  6. Misterio Verde 
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Vinyl LP