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38 Spesh

Stash Box Vinyl LP


Release Date: 3 September, 2021

On the heels of Spesh’s Interstate 38 album, Benny’s The Plugs I Met 2, and their joint drop of Trust The Sopranos, 38 Spesh is giving fans what they’ve been demanding, a new single with his day-one Benny The Butcher, Stash Box. Spesh handles production duties here and utilizes a sped-up vocal sample that gives the track an early 2000s vibe that is reminiscent of classic joints by Kanye and Dipset. Both emcees wax nostalgic about their come-ups and assert that they're still in the streets to this day. On the B-side of this 12" single is a non-album exclusive titled “Better Music”. This cut is only available on vinyl and cannot be found on digital or streaming sites. Benny and Spesh continue their historic run with this limited 12”.

Side A
1    Stash Box     
2    Stash Box (Radio Edit)     
Side B
1    Stash Box (Instrumental)     
2    Stash Box (Acapella)     
3    Better Music (Non-Album Exclusive)    

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