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Stoned & Supremely Confident: Limited Blue Vinyl LP


Release Date: 8 September, 2023

Childe is a refreshingly chaotic talent. You’ve likely never met anyone like him, and you probably never will. He is the living embodiment of a modern storyteller, an artist built on impurities inspired by the edges of life.

For some artists an alter ego is something to hide behind - for Childe, it is a place to be free. Growing up with ADHD presented difficulties for the artist - constantly battling an overactive mind he was unable to turn off.

Childe is the voice of discomfort, but his empathetic tones ensure that listeners are welcomed, acting as an open invitation to the mind of the artist. His live shows are a cathartic and therapeutic experience. Those who have already seen him live will understand how big, raw, and emotive his voice is. Childe touches upon topics that are very rarely captured by a male singer-songwriter.

‘Stoned & Supremely Confident’ was written between London and LA with Danny Presant. The album looks at segments of Childe's experiences in life, writing about horror film versions of life moments, over-medicating, loving so hard you would die, a mushroom trip, the baby boomers and one very literal depiction of him trying to be a better friend.


1. Chemical Balance
2. Better Friends
3. Death Wish
4. Smoke And Mirrors
5. Don't Need To Know
6. Sean
7. Crocodile Tears
8. My Reply
9. Frame Of Mind

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Vinyl LP