Mari Kalkun

Stories of Stonia: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 7 July, 2023

With a voice that seems to speak to us from the heart of the Estonian forest, Mari Kalkun’s music is at once of a place and deeply personal. Rooted in ancient Estonian and Võru traditions, but beautifully fresh and contemporary, Stories of Stonia reaches back to very old layers of tradition to imagine what Mari's ancestors would have thought and sung about the world in an era of skyscraper, steel and metal. Throughout the album’s nine songs, Mari explores humanity’s controversial relationship with nature with powerfully emotive musical backdrops. One of Northern Europe’s most important folk singers Mari has created a mysterious and magical album.



1. Munamäe Loomine (The Creation of Munamäg)

2. Suur Tamm (The Great Oak)

3. Maaimä (Mother Earth)

4. Töistmuudu (Otherwise)

5. Kui Kivid Olid Veel Pehmed (When the Stones Were Still Soft)

6. Kuldnaine (Golden Woman)

7. Pöhjataeva Alune Lend (Flight Beneath the Northern Sky)

8. Mu Välläkoolömise Pääl Kiil (My Dying Language)

9. Leelu

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Vinyl LP