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Matt Monro

Stranger In Paradise - The Lost New York Sessions: CD


Release Date: 13 March, 2020

Bringing together Matt Monro’s great “lost” Broadway album and 27 of the British singer’s biggest hits, the 2CD collection ‘Stranger In Paradise’ showcases the immense vocal talents of whom Frank Sinatra once noted – “His pitch was right on the nose; his word enunciations letter perfect; his understanding of a song thorough.”

Recently unearthed from the Capitol Records vaults, disc 1 captures Matt and an intimate grouping of musicians interpreting some of the great Broadway classics of the day, including ‘The Impossible Dream’, ‘Hello Dolly’ and of course, ‘Stranger In Paradise’. The search in the vault has also unearthed two previously undiscovered Matt tracks – Beautiful Beautiful World and What Makes It Happen which make their debut here.

Meanwhile disc 2 includes all the classics for which Matt’s been revered, both then and now, including ‘Born Free’, ‘From Russia With Love’, and ‘On Days Like These’


1    Impossible Dream     
2    Stranger In Paradise     
3    Put On A Happy Face     
4    Hello Dolly     
5    The Apple Tree     
6    If She Walked Into My Life     
7    The Sweetest Sounds     
8    Sunrise Sunset     
9    Walking Happy     
10    I Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her     
11    Come Back To Me     
12    Look For Small Pleasures     
13    The Lady Smiles     
14    Lover’s Caravan     
15    Beautiful Beautiful World     
16    What Makes It Happen     
17    The Apple Tree (Alternate Vocal)     
18    The Lady Smiles (Take 5)     
19    Lover’s Caravan (Take 2)     
20    What Makes It Happen (Take 5)     

1    Portrait of My Love     
2    My Kind of Girl     
3    Gonna Build a Mountain     
4    Softly As I Leave You     
5    From Russia With Love     
6    Walk Away     
7    Yesterday     
8    Born Free     
9    This Is The Life     
10    On a Clear Day     
11    Don’t Answer Me     
12    Honey On The Vine     
13    Wednesdays Child     
14    I Will Wait For You     
15    Georgie Girl     
16    Spanish Eyes     
17    When I Look In Your Eyes     
18    Pretty Polly     
19    Maria     
20    The Music Played     
21    All of a Sudden     
22    On Days Like These     
23    Two People     
24    Everybody’s Talking     
25    We’re Gonna Change The World     
26    And You Smiled     
27    If I Never Sing Another Song

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