Karl Jenkins

Stravaganza: CD


Release Date: 9 August, 2024

Fresh off his sell out 80th Birthday concert tour, Sir Karl Jenkins announces his latest album STRAVAGANZA, featuring an all-new, epic arrangement of Palladio, one of Sir Karl’s most beloved works."It is bigger, more dramatic and exciting and with a lot more colour than before with different instruments swapping phrases like a musical ‘Q & A’." The album release is timed with this year's BBC Proms where star saxophonist & presenter Jess Gillam will be performing Stravaganza with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, conducted by Nil Venditti. This is the first time Sir Karl's music will be performed at the Proms.


1. Palladio Re-imagined 1. Allegretto
2. Palladio Re-imagined 2. Largo
3. Palladio Re-imagined 3. Vivace
4. Stravaganza 1. Perambulation
5. Stravaganza 2. Dreams & Drones
6. Stravaganza 3. Wonky Wheels
7. Stravaganza 4. Flight... of Fancy

Decca Records
CD Album