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Shade Empire

Sunholy (Limited Clear Vinyl): Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 15 September, 2023

Six years since the release of their critically acclaimed ode to hatred, Poetry Of The Ill- Minded, Finnish symphonic black metal icons Shade Empire unleash their latest anthological masterwork in the form of Sunholy. A portmanteau between the twin concepts of ‘sun’ and ‘unholy’, it is clear from the outset that Shade Empire are seeking to dissect the duality of light and dark, good and evil, sacred and heretical. Featuring nine tracks of utterly annihilating power, Sunholy follows Shade Empire’s established tradition of dispensing thought-provoking thematic content alongside unparalleled brutality.

1. In Amongst The Woods
2. The Apostle
3. This Coffin an Island
4. Sunholy
5. Torn Asunder
6. Maroon
7. All-Consuming Flame
8. Profane Radiance
9. Rite of Passage

Vinyl LP