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Lost Society

Terror Hungry: CD


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Release Date: 7 April, 2014

Lost Society, one of the most promising Finnish newcomers of recent times, are back with a vengeance in 2014. Founded in early 2010 in Jyväskylä by Thrash/Speed Metal enthusiast Samy Elbanna, the frontman gathered an ensemble of passionate allies to establish a band that would soon be known as Scandinavia’s most energetic start-up export.

With their second studio album, Lost Society clearly manage to prove exactly this reputation. The band deliver fresh and highly energetic songs forged in the fires of youthful passion, but presented with a light-hearted attitude. Lost Society may get directly compared to Thrash Metal institutions such as Metallica and Exodus, but they have also received praise from scene veterans such as Mille (Kreator) and Andreas Kisser (Sepultura).

Their debut 'Fast Loud Death' displayed a true Oldschool-Thrash manifest in 2013 and had the UK press buzzing. Metal Hammer described “their high-speed gonzoid thrash is a middle finger to the sober code of professionalism”.With 'Terror Hunrgy' the four newbies set their own standards even higher. Produced by Nino Laurenne (AMORPHIS, LORDI) at the renowned Sonic Pump studios (FINNTROLL, SONATA ARCTICA, OMNIUM GATHERUM), the Finns shred their way through the new record with the energy and speed of an out-of-control freight train, rolling downhill on the way to the Thrash-Olympics.


1. Spurgatory
2. Game Over
3. Attaxic
4. Lethal Pleasure
5. Terror Hungry
6. Snowroad Blowout
7. Tyrant Takeover
8. Overdosed Brain
9. Thrashed Reality
10. F.F.E.
11. Brewtal Awakening
12. Mosh It Up
13. Wasted After Midnight

Bonus Track
14.You Can’t Stop Rock’n’Roll

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