Potter Payper

Thanks For Hating: CD


Release Date: 23 February, 2024

Potter Payper is a key figure in UK music, someone who speaks to the streets in a language they can understand. He is a legend in the game, and is returning with his brand new mixtape ‘Thanks For Hating’, out Feb 23.

‘Thanks For Hating’ is a testament to Potter showing people what he’s achieved, despite people doubting him. It’s 10 years since his breakout tape ‘Training Day’, few rappers have had such longevity and stayed relevant. The mixtape, a follow on to his 2021 classic ‘Thanks For Waiting’ see’s Potter once again bring together a star studded line-up of features as he further cements himself as one of the greatest to ever do it in the UK.

‘Training Day’ was released in 2013 and was the first instalment of what would arguably become one of the most iconic trilogies in UK rap history and home to some of his most recognised tracks to date. He continued to rise to prominence off the back of his legendary freestyles, demonstrating his versatility and commitment to fine-tuning his craft. The third mixtape Training Day 3 - released in 2020 - debuted at #3 in the UK Official Album Charts, making clear that Potter was back and here to stay. His follow-up mixtape Thanks For Waiting paid recognition to all those who continued to support Potter during his hiatus, earning him his second Top 10 project and saw him reach entirely new heights. Hit-track ‘Gangsteritus’ featured in Netflix series Top Boy, landing Potter his first Top 20 single. He collaborated with Ed Sheeran on the "2Step" remix, featured on Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Dogg Presents LP, founded his own record label 36 The Label and made his Glastonbury Festival debut - undoubtedly a monumental few years to remember and further statement of his unique musical talent. In 2023, Potter released his debut album ‘Real Back In Style’ which debuted at #2 in the official album chart, further cementing his legendary status.

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