The Boxer Rebellion

The Cold Still: Limited Army Green Vinyl LP + Exclusive Signed Print


Release Date: 1 December, 2023

Having finally established themselves as a globally recognised touring band, and still wholly independent, The Boxer Rebellion turned to producer Ethan Johns to help them create The Cold Still. 

“Ethan had been our dream producer for years, so when we were asked to make a list of people to produce the third album my list consisted of one name,” says guitarist Todd Howe. “We didn’t want anyone else and, luckily for us, he was in from the first demo. We were looking for a more natural and evolved sound and we knew Ethan would get it right.”  

The Cold Still was entirely recorded and mixed to tape at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. 
Includes the singles “Step out of the Car,” “The Runner,” “Caught by the Light”

1. No Harm
2. Step Out of The Car
3. Locked In The Basement
4. Cause For Alarm
5. Caught By The Light
6. Organ Song
7. Memo
8. Both Sides Are Even
9. The Runner
10. Doubt

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