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Death Angel

The Evil Divide: Limited Edition CD


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Release Date: 27 May, 2016

Three decades into their celebrated career, Death Angel remain as hungry as ever.
As a result, uncompromising urgency and unpredictability define the Bay Area thrash quintet’s eighth full-length album, The Evil Divide [Nuclear Blast]. The group—Mark Osegueda [vocals], Rob Cavestany [lead guitar], Ted Aguilar [guitar], Will Carroll [drums], and Damien Sisson [bass]—satiate the appetite for buzzsaw speed riffs, double bass mayhem, and scorching vocals over the course of ten new anthems.“I want every record of ours to always sound fucking hungry and desperate,” declares Mark. “An injured animal is a dangerous fucking animal.”

In order to siphon that energy, the group re-teamed with producer Jason Suecof [Trivium, Deicide] for the third album in a row. They traded Northern California for Suecof’s Florida stronghold, Audio Hammer Studios, during two months in the fall of 2015. Following three consecutive records together, this lineup gelled more than ever while recording. Opener “The Moth” whips from a galloping guitar death march into a battle-cry. Boasting a lyrical contribution from Rob, it namechecks the album title in the chorus. “Cause for Alarm” volleys between a crossfire of six-string prowess, while “Father of Lies” closes on a haunting acoustic outro, illuminating the music’s expanse and declaring another creative victory for the group.

1.The Moth
2.Cause For Alarm
4.Father Of Lies
5.Hell To Pay
6.It Can’t Be This
7.Hated United, United Hate
9.The Electric Cell
10.Let The Pieces Fall
Bonus Track:

1.’What We Do’ – The Making Of ‘The Evil Divide’ (running time 52:09)

Nuclear Blast