The American Analog Set

The Golden Band: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 30 August, 2024

The ethereal third album from Texas’s slowcore first wavers. A lethargic, sparse, and autumnal album, The Golden Band is where The American Analog Set developed the courage to drive 40 KPH on the autobahn. Issued on Emperor Jones in 1999, this 25th anniversary Numero edition has been remastered from the original tapes and flawlessly reproduced in a gorgeous tip on sleeve. When are you quitting the scene?


1. Weather Report
2. A Good Friend Is Always Around
3. It’s All About Us
4. A Schoolboy’s Charm
5. The Wait
6. New Drifters I
7. New Drifters II
8. New Drifters III
9. New Drifters IV
10. The Golden Band
11. I Must Soon Quit The Scene
12. Will the Real Danny Radnor Please Stand?

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