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Bo Ningen

The Holy Mountain Live Score (Written and Performed by BO NINGEN): Unique Coloured Triple Vinyl Box Set


Release date: 22 March, 2024

Japanese alt-rock band BO NINGEN are delighted to announce they will be releasing an alternative soundtrack album to cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky's seminal film 'The Holy Mountain', set for release on 15th March 2024 via Alcopop! Records on double CD and a limited box set of triple vinyl, each in their own unique colour. In partnership with Deeper Into Movies, the band will also be hosting a very special live performance of their alternative soundtrack at EartH, Hackney on 1st March 2024 --a 700 capacity tiered seated venue with original Art Deco features and state of the art L-ISA sound system, to provide the best possible experience of this must-see-and-hear event.

Commenting on the release, Kohhei Matsuda (guitar/synth) and Monchan Monna (drums) said: "We wanted to make something more than 'a band jamming to the film' live score. To do so, we tried to decipher the secret of Jodorowsky's alchemy to reach our own Holy Mountain, reflecting the underlying structure of the film--which is delusional at sight, yet mystically logical throughout--in each stage of the music. It was quite an experience to work on the piece that way, diving deep into the director's vision where the border between the reality, delusion, the film, and real life blurs. Trying not to drown in it all, we had to find our own path back to our own version of reality. This is an aural representation of our own version of the film. We hope each of you find your own way to your own version of The Holy Mountain through reliving this mind-altering journey with us."

The band originally performed their alternative soundtrack to the film 'Holy Mountain' in July 2019 for 2 sold out nights at the Rio Cinema in Dalston, where it was nominated for 'Best Event Cinema Campaign Of The Year 2019'. During the brief latter periods of the pandemic when the band were allowed to travel internationally between London and Japan, BO NINGEN at last managed to reconvene as a unit in London to finally commit the soundtrack to record.

Long working in the liminal spaces between the worlds of music, art, fashion, literature and film, the band have a storied history of creative collaboration with the likes of Yoko Ono, Alexander McQueen, Douglas Hart, Damo Suzuki, Jehnny Beth, Hedi Slimane, Juergen Teller, Lydia Lunch, Faust, NTS Radio and more. BO NINGEN announced their signing to Alcopop! Records for their fourth studio album Sudden Fictions in 2020, with critical praise and support for the record from BBC 6music, Q Magazine, The Quietus, Guitar World, Classic Rock, The Line of Best Fit, CLASH, London in Stereo, DORK, UPSET, Louder Than War and many more. They followed up in 2021 with BO NINGEN: Rebuilt, a very special reissue of their critically-acclaimed 2010 self-titled debut album. Intent on avoiding the cliched lazy reissue tropes of new packaging, remasters, or retakes, for this new version of the album the band decided to completely reinvent the record from the ground up.

Side A
1. The Alchemist
2. Encounter
3. City 1: The Capital
4. Wax Dummies

Side B

1. City 2: Rondo
2. Ascension
3. The Duel
4. Transformation 1,2

Side C
1. Venus
2. Mars
3. Jupiter
4. Saturn 1
5. Saturn 2

Side D
1. Uranus
2. Neptune
3. Pluto
4. Gathering
5. Transformation 3

Side E
1. Journey
2. Harbour
3. Seascape

Side F

1. Pantheon Bar
2. The Climbing

Vinyl LP