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The Maverick Years: Deluxe 7LP Vinyl Box Set


Release Date: 22 September, 2023

Candlebox is gearing up for an unforgettable finale as the legendary Seattle rock band prepares to retire at the end of the year. The group’s Long Goodbye Tour is currently underway, and its final album, The Long Goodbye, will be released later this month. Today, Rhino announces it will spotlight Candlebox’s early years with a 7-LP vinyl boxed set featuring all three studio albums the group released on Maverick, plus more than a dozen previously unreleased recordings that are only available in the collection.

THE MAVERICK YEARS will be available exclusively on vinyl on September 22. The set introduces newly remastered versions of Candlebox (1993), Lucy (1995), and Happy Pills (1998) as double LPs, along with a single album of unreleased outtakes, demos, and more. Candlebox and Lucy will make their North American vinyl debut, while Happy Pills will be available on vinyl for the first time anywhere.

The Maverick Years chronicles the band’s dramatic ascent, starting with its eponymous debut, a quadruple-platinum smash celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The album spent more than 100 weeks on the charts, peaking at #7 with hits like “Far Behind,” “You,” and “Cover Me.” The original album has been expanded on the new vinyl version with two unreleased bonus tracks, “Sorry I Let You Down” and a demo for “10,000 Horses.”


LP One: Candlebox

Side One
1. “Don’t You”
2. “Change”
3. “You”

Side Two
1. “No Sense”
2. “Far Behind”
3. “Blossom”

LP Two: Candlebox

Side One
1. “Arrow”
2. “Rain”
3. “Mothers Dream”

Side Two
1. “Cover Me”
2. “He Calls Home”
3. “Sorry I Let You Down” *
4. “10,000 Horses” – Demo* 

LP Three: Lucy

Side One
1. “Simple Lessons”
2. “Drowned”
3. “Lucy”
4. “Best Friend”

Side Two
1. “Become (To Tell)”
2. “Understanding”
3. “Crooked Halo”
4. “Bothered”

LP Four: Lucy

Side One
1. “Butterfly”
2. “It’s Amazing”
3. “Vulgar Before Me”
4. “Butterfly (Reprise)”

Side Two
1. “Lucy” – Live KISW / Seattle 1995 *
2. “Wasted” – Demo *
3. “A Stone’s Throw” – Demo *
4. “Every Time Lately / Footsteps Today” *

LP Five: Happy Pills

Side One
1. “10,000 Horses”
2. “Happy Pills”
3. “Blinders”

Side Two
1. “It’s Alright”
2. “A Stone’s Throw’s Away”
3. “So Real”

LP Six: Happy Pills

Side One
1. “Offerings”
2. “Sometimes”
3. “Step Back”

Side Two
1. “Belmore Place”
2. “Breakaway”
3. “Look What You’ve Done”

LP Seven: Bonus Tracks

Side One
1. “Happy Pills” – 1997 Demo *
2. “Mountain Song” – Live KISW / Seattle 1995 *
3. “Giant Steps” *
4. “Capsized-Keys” *
5. “Sometimes” *

Side Two
1. “Dream” *
2. “Mothers Dream” *
3. “Breakaway” *
4. “Sometimes” *

* Previously Unreleased

Vinyl Box Set