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The Moldy Peaches

The Moldy Peaches [2018 Reissue]: Red Vinyl LP + 7" Single


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Release Date: 10 August, 2018

The Moldy Peaches is the eponymous debut album by anti-folk band The Moldy Peaches. It was primarily recorded in a basement in Port Townsend, Washington and was originally released in 2001. The album is base level, lo-fi, couldn't give a fuck trashy white boy indie rock. like old royal trux in southpark. pure attitude and charming lyrics. The record absent-mindedly skips genres the way children click TV channels, from fragile acoustic folk and savant hip hop to amplified garage punk sing-a-longs.

LP - First vinyl pressing in 15 years. Red vinyl that includes bonus 7” single of County Fair / Rainbows.

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Vinyl LP