The Slim Shady LP: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 8 July, 2016

Heavyweight double vinyl repress. Eminem's breakthrough into the mainstream. It was pretty much all or nothing for him at this point, and the huge success of the album, lead by the single 'My Name Is', catapulted his career forward. The album is noted for its cartoonish and overly violent lyrics as well as its sharp lyricism. The production - masterminded by Dr. Dre but also helmed in large doses by Marky and Jeff Bass, along with Marshall himself - mirrors his rhymes, with their spare, intricately layered arrangements enhancing his narratives, which are always at the forefront. A stonewall classic.

1. Public Service Announcement     
2. My Name Is     
3. Guilty Conscience     
4. Brain Damage     
5. Paul     
6. If I Had     
7. '97 Bonnie & Clyde     
8. B****     
9. Role Model     
10. Lounge     
11. My Fault     
12. Ken Kaniff     
13. Cum On Everybody     
14. Rock Bottom     
15. Just Don't Give A     
16. Soap     
17. As The World Turns     
18. I'm Shady     
19. Bad Meets Evil     
20. Still Don't Give A   

Vinyl LP