Stars Of The Lid

The Tired Sounds Of Stars Of The Lid: Vinyl 3LP


Release Date: 20 October, 2023

"Put simply, 'Tired Sounds Of...' is one of the most unremittingly beautiful albums I've ever heard." Drowned In Sound

"Unspeakably beautiful." 

"One of the most beautiful recordings we have ever heard." Aquarius Records

"A fantastic masterpiece, missing this would be foolish." Touching Extremes "Their relentless commitment to subtlety sets them apart, as does their masterful hand with tone… dissonance is doled out in small portions, perfectly coloring the sculpted fields of sound." Pitchfork

"When all else fails and you need to shut the rest of the world out, this is a guaranteed mute button." SelfTitled

Side A
1. Requiem for Dying Mothers, Pt. 1
2. Requiem for Dying Mothers, Pt. 2
3. Down 3

Side B
1. Austin, TX Mental Hospital, Pt. 1
2. Austin, TX Mental Hospital, Pt. 2
3. Austin, TX Mental Hospital, Pt. 3

Side C
1. Broken Harbors, Pt. 1
2. Broken Harbors, Pt. 2
3. Broken Harbors, Pt. 3

Side D
1. Mullohand
2. The Lonely People (Are Getting Lonelier)
3. Gasfarming

Side E
1. Piano Aquieu
2. Fac 21
3. Ballad of Distances, Pt. 1
4. Ballad of Distances, Pt. 2

Side F
1. A Lovesong [For Cubs] Pt. 1
2. A Lovesong (For Cubs] Pt. 2
3. A Lovesong (For Cubs] Pt. 3

Vinyl LP