The Very Best Of 1989 – 2023: 2CD


Release Date: 16 June, 2023

The one with Wu--Tang Clan. The five that were Top 10 singles from one album. The one with Alan Rickman in the video. The one that was an inspired Al Green cover. The two written with diverse titans of American music, Dallas Austin and Gregg Alexander. The one that was remixed by Giorgio Moroder. The one that helped give them their first French Number One album. The segued pair that, according to the woman at the front, makes their live audiences go “absolutely fuckin’ apeshit”. The one with the video directed by Peter Kay. The other one with Wu-Tang Clan. The one that gave them, straight out of the gate, a Top 10 single with their first ever release. The club banger with a killer Donna Summer sample. The one that ended up the theme song to a top-rating American sitcom. And the one recorded last year in Alabama’s legendary Muscle Shoals Fame Studio that lifts the lid on an exciting fresh chapter…


Texas: The Very Best Of 1989-2023 has all of the above, and more, not least its two brand new tracks.



CD 1

1. Say What You Want

2. Black Eyed Boy

3. Inner Smile

4. Mr Haze

5. Halo

6. I Don’t Want A Lover

7. Summer Son

8. Keep On Talking

9. The Conversation

10. In Our Lifetime

11. In Demand

12. Put Your Arms Around Me


CD 2

1. Let’s Work It Out

2. When We Are Together

3. Hi

4. Say What You Want (All Day Everyday) feat. Wu-Tang Clan

5. Tired Of Being Alone

6. Start A Family feat. Alan Rickman

7. So Called Friend

8. Everyday Now

9. Insane

10. After All

11. Sleep feat. Paul Buchanan

12. So In Love With You

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