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Holly Humberstone

The Walls Are Way Too Thin: Cassette


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Release Date: 12 November, 2021

As a Priority member we are giving you the exclusive chance to pre-order this limited-edition variation of the new Holly Humberstone EP, ‘The Walls Are Way Too Thin’ - with 500 bespoke cassettes only available to Priority members. The album is due for release on 12th November.

The EP is Holly’s second collection of work and features her stand out singles, The Walls Are Way Too Thin and Scarlett. The six-track EP also includes Please Don’t Leave Just Yet, a collaboration with Matty Healy, frontman of one of Holly’s favourite bands The 1975. For Holly, this EP represents a feeling of being lost, the kind of lost the makes you question who you are and where you belong.

This exclusive cassette is made from recycled plastic and is housed in recycled board o-card.


1. Haunted House

2. The Walls Are Way Too Thin

3. Please Don’t Leave Just Yet

4. Thursday

5. Scarlett

6. Friendly Fire

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