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Sheila Chandra

The Zen Kiss: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 16 June, 2023

To hear Chandra’s work is to realise that the voice is the purest expression of human emotion; the closest instrumental connection to our bodies.

These re-issues provide a chance for listeners to (re)discover the work of Shelia Chandra, one of the most original and trailblazing artists of her generation.

The compositions on The Zen Kiss have an added poignance when encountered today. They are both a snapshot of an innovative singer at her highest performative power, as well as a record of an ineffable sound that has yet to be replicated, and likely never will. When we drop the needle on The Zen Kiss we reach ever-closer to that special moment of Chandra giving voice to her innermost music, to her communion between the singer and those of us being sung to. ”I lend the listener my unwavering presence and present-moment attention, my understanding of the musical forms I’m working with, and my skill. But they lend me their hearts.”


1. La Sagesse (Women, I’m Callling You)

2. Speaking in Tongues III

3. Waiting

4. Shehnai Song

5. Love It Is A Killing Thing

6. Speaking in Tongues IV

7. Woman and Child

8. En Mireal del Penal

9. A Sailor's Life

10.Abbess Hildegard

11. Kafi Noir

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