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Stephen Pastel +
Gavin Thomson

This Is Memorial Device: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 28 June, 2024

Geographic Music are proud to announce the expanded soundtrack to Graham Eatough’s Fringe First award-winning stage adaptation of David Keenan’s 2017 cult novel, This is Memorial Device. Written by Stephen Pastel and Gavin Thomson (formerly of Glasgow band Findo Gask and The Pastels’ resident soundman), the soundtrack comes across as a third iteration of the book, establishing a whole new angle on the myth of Memorial Device through reworked home recordings from the era and expanded versions of music originally scored for the theatre production.


1. Introduction To Why I Did It
2. We Have Sex
3. Occluded By Chemistry
4. The Most Beautiful House in Airdrie
5. Square Peg In A Black Hole
6. I Started Painting Landscapes
7. What Is A Memorial Device?
8. Chinese Moon
9. Footsteps In The Snow
10. Lights Out For Forever
11. The Morning Of The Executioners 

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Vinyl LP