Amber Mark

Three Dimensions Deep: CD


Release Date: 28 January, 2022

Jewel case, 16pg booklet

New York based singer, songwriter and producer Amber Mark announces details of her long-awaited debut album ‘Three Dimensions Deep’, out January 28th via EMI/PMR Records. Amber’s debut album arrives almost 4 years after the release of her second EP ‘Conexão’, an extended process that has proved central to its thematic development. The 17 track album can be divided into three main acts that follow the arc of Amber’s personal and musical development; WITHOUT, WITHHELD and WITHIN. Beginning by acknowledging her insecurities and anxieties before reflecting on her time in denial and spent processing them in all the wrong ways, Amber eventually widens her focus by seeking answers to the world’s negativity and trauma on a cosmic scale.

1    One     
2    What It Is     
3    Most Men     
4    Healing Hurts     
5    Bubbles     
6    Softly     
7    FOMO     
8    Turnin’ Pages     
9    Foreign Things     
10    On & On     
11    Out Of This World     
12    Cosmic     
13    Darkside     
14    Worth It     
15    Competition     
16    Bliss     
17    Event Horizon

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