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Timeless (The Remixes): 2CD


‘Timeless’ is one of electronic music’s most critically acclaimed and influential albums. It remains as relevant and influential as ever.

The same vision that drove the original album informs this new remix LP, with each mix commissioned by Goldie himself from a selection of his closest collaborators and most respected peers. A second disc features classic remixes, all newly remastered for the project.

New remixes include contemporary producers Break, Grey Code, Searchlight and Scar.

On Cd & Digital editions a second disc adds further weight to this essential collection with still-classic remixes from enduring drum & bass pioneers Doc Scott, Nookie, 4 Hero, Photos, Baby Boys, Pushy and TeeBee.


1. Inner City Life (Break Remix)
2. Kemistry (Grey Code Remix)
3. State Of Mind (Searchlight Remix)
4. Angel (Scar Remix)
5. Inner City Life (Nookie's '2021' Remix)
6. Jah (J Kenzo Tribute Remix)
7. Sensual (Searchlight Remix)
8. Inner City Life (Trevino Remix)
9. Kemistry (OneMind Remix)

1. Angel (Peshay Back From Narm Remix) 
2. Inner City Life (4 Hero Remix 'Remix 1')
3. Inner City Life (Nookie's 94 Remix)
4. Angel (TeeBee Remix) Remaster
5. Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix)
6. Still Life (Photek Remix)
7. Inner City Life (Baby Boys)
8. State Of Mind (Hip Hop instrumental)

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