Tired Hearts: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 19 May, 2023

Think of Tired Hearts, the new album from rising, indie-pop trio BAILEN, as a highly charged electrical field. Opposite charges attract, similar charges repel, and the current is set in motion. On this, their second full-length album for Fantasy, the New York City based siblings, Daniel, David, and Julia Bailen heighten the musical tension, and deliver a dazzling set of songs that incisively navigates the space between the heart’s expectation and the head’s sober reality. A masterful follow-up to BAILEN’s accomplished debut, 2019’s Thrilled To Be HereTired Hearts beats with empathy, vulnerability, and resolve. 

Produced by Brad Cook (Bon Iver, Waxahatchee) and recorded at his home studio in Durham, North Carolina, Tired Hearts’ taut, synth-driven tracks are centered around BAILEN’s radiant harmonies and futuristic arrangements furthering the group’s exhilarating avant-pop evolution.


01. Tired Hearts
02. Nothing Left To Give
03. These Bones
04. Leave Me Wanting More
05. Here We Are Again
06. Call it Like it Is
07. Change Your Mind
08. Love you Blind
09. Relic
10. BRCA (Nothing Takes Me Down)
11. Shadows
12. Hiding 

Vinyl LP