Rory Gallagher

Top Priority: Vinyl LP


Sorry Sold Out

Top Priority is Rory Gallagher's tenth album. This was released on 16th September 1979 and recorded at Dierks Studios, Cologne, Germany. Like the previous album Photo-Finish, Top Priority is a return to hard rock. The acoustic and folk influences that were seen on albums such as Calling Card are replaced by more straight ahead powerful blues rock like fan favourites such as ‘Bad Penny’, ‘Philby’ and album opener ‘Follow Me’. This 2012 remaster used the original vinyl artwork and 1/4" tapes so that they look and sound exactly as Rory intended.

Side A

1. Follow Me     
2. Philby     
3. Wayward Child     
4. Keychain     
5. At The Depot     

Side B
1. Bad Penny     
2. Just Hit Town     
3. Off the Handle     
4. Public Enemy No. 1

Vinyl LP