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Townie: CD


Release Date: 5 April, 2024

The project is inspired by the band’s experience growing up in a small town in upstate New York (hence the album title, Townie). While the lyrics are hyper-specific about the band’s own hometown, the sentiment is universal. Nostalgia not only for your hometown, but for your adolescence and the blissful naiveté of youth. Regret about how with age and the clear hindsight that comes with it, you wish you’d done things differently or appreciated them for what they really were at the time. The feeling of being forgotten and left behind as folks come and go. The relief of having made it out. The survivor’s guilt of having made it out.

1. Sunoco
2. Smoke On The Highway
3. Your Town
4. I’m Not Really Here
5. Rashad
6. (first dam)
7. Fallout
8. Women’s Jeans
9. Half-Life
10. Follow the Sound of My Voice
11. Start a Band
12. No Strings

Virgin Music Group
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