Venera: Limited Red Vinyl LP


Release Date: 13 October, 2023

The debut album from the experimental electronic project from James "Munky" Shaffer and Chris Hunt, featuring appearances by Jacob Duzsik (HEALTH), Rizz (VOWWS), Alain Johannes and Deantoni Parks.

<what> Venera s/t 
<who> James Shaffer, Chris Hunt ft. HEALTH, Deantoni Parks, VOWWS, Alain Johannes 
<when> 05-03-2x22 (creation); 10-13-2x23 (release: Ipecac Recordings, IPC267) 
<where> DTLA (tracking); ATL (assembly) 
<how> improvisation & sculpture via: granular synthesis, paulstretch, drumbrute, modular system, pulsar23, Ibanez gtr+pedals
<why> LA-based James Shaffer and Atlanta-based Chris Hunt converged in early 2022 in Downtown Los Angeles while working on songs for singer Xhoana X. Their kindred interest and backgrounds in dramatic texture, electronics and experimentation inspired an improvisation-based recording process which seeks to explore a sonic universe defined by evolving atmosphere, cinematic noise and select collaborations with other artists.
<why.2> “(in our mind) is a **collision of puzzles** combining towards a unified assembly of the ecstatic abyss, a nested sensitivity within the intensity programmed in the fleeting final seconds of a deadly, perfect, alien thing before being destroyed”


1. Alignment
2. Erosion
3. Ochre (ft. HEALTH)
4. Swarm
5. Disintegration (ft. Deantoni Parks)
6. Hologram (ft. VOWWS)
7. Surrender
8. Triangle (ft. Alain Johannes)
9. Helium

Vinyl LP