Elton John

Victim Of Love: CD


Release Date: 5 May, 2003

Digitally remastered edition of the album that writer John Tobler describes in his sleeve notes as being "a somewhat unfortunate trip into Euro disco". Produced by Giorgio Moroder's long time collaborator, Pete Bellotte, all of the songs segue into each other as Elton wanted "to make a record to which discriminating night clubbers could dance". It was a project totally out of leftfield and came at one of the valleys of John's life, but the results are still part of the entire legend of the man and many have revisited this record to find what really makes him tick to complete the portrait of the artist.

1. Johnny B Goode
2. Warm Love In A Cold World
3. Born Bad
4. Thunder In The Night
5. Spotlight
6. Street Boogie
7. Victim of Love

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