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Vignetting The Compost: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 19 May, 2023

”‘Vignetting The Compost’ partly draws on a theme of the endless cycle of life and death, of growth and decay and how the two are dependant on each other […] This album also explores the processes of pain, loss, suffering and healing, with an optimistic hopeful tone growing over the lamentation like ivy on a gravestone. I’ve always been fascinated with the quality of the imagination and dreams, how edges are unfinished and indefinite, unlike the boundaries of a cinema screen. In dreams, forms and details can seem vivid yet vague, impressionistic, powerful yet difficult to recall. These were the qualities and aesthetics that I focussed on with this album, including intertwining musical ‘vignettes’ amongst the more structured tracks.” – Bibio



1. Flesh Rots, Pip Sown

2. Mr. & Mrs. Compost

3. Everglad Everglade

4. Dopplerton

5. Great Are The Piths

6. Odd Paws

7. Under The Pier

8. Weekend Wildfire


1. The Clothesline And The Silver Birch

2. Torn Under The Window Light

3. The Ephemeral Bluebell

4. Over The Far And Hills Away

5. Amongst The Bark And Fungus

6. Top Soil

7. Thatched

8. The Garden Shelter

Vinyl LP