sir Was

We Can Go Anywhere From Here: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 23 August, 2024

sir Was aka Joel Wästberg the Gothenburg based musician, producer and singer just released his new album "We Can Go Anywhere From Here".

Joel started his professional music journey when Jose Gonzalez asked him to join Junip. Encouraged by his friends Little Dragon he began to release his own music and has collaborated with Teleman, Gengahr, Falle Nioke, Caspar Clausen (Efterklang) and Seb Wildblood.

After working with several highly respected indie labels including City Slang, Memphis Industries, PRAH and PEOPLE, Joel has decided it his time to create his own label to release this album.


Face A
1. What Life Can Be
2. Sometimes You Got To
3. Give Me A New Role
4. Get Up
5. Go
6. Make Me New

Face B
1. All I Have
2. In My Dreams
3. I Wanted More
4. Like A Hammond With No Leslie Sir Was
5. Forget
6. Where Do I Go Sir Was

No Label
Vinyl LP