Girls Aloud

What Will The Neighbours Say? (Deluxe Edition): 3CD


Release Date: 8 March, 2024

What Will The Neighbours Say? is the Double Platinum, second studio album from Girls Aloud. Released in November 2004, the album features 5 UK Top 5 smash singles including ‘Jump’, ‘The Show’, ‘Love Machine’ and the UK #1, ‘I’ll Stand By You’.

This special deluxe 3CD edition of the album contains the original UK version of the album plus 3 never before heard Girls Aloud songs from the original album sessions, alongside rarities, unreleased demos and exclusive remixes. 

The 3 previously unreleased songs, recorded 20 years ago and available for the first time, are the band’s cover of the Chris Isaak classic, ‘Wicked Game’, alongside two new songs from the Girls Aloud vault that didn’t make the final cut of the album, ‘Disco Bunny’ and ‘Baby When You Go’. 

3CD Tracklist:


  1. The Show
  2. Love Machine
  3. I'll Stand By You
  4. Jump
  5. Wake Me Up
  6. Deadlines & Diets
  7. Big Brother
  8. Hear Me Out
  9. Graffitti My Soul
  10. Real Life
  11. Here We Go
  12. Thank Me Daddy
  13. I Say A Prayer For You
  14. 100 Different Ways


  1. Wicked Game
  2. Disco Bunny
  3. Baby When You Go
  4. I'll Stand By You (Electronic Mix)
  5. Wake Me Up (Alternative Version)
  6. Hanging On The Telephone
  7. Androgynous Girls
  8. Loving Is Easy
  9. History
  10. I'm Every Woman (from ‘Discomania’)
  11. Love Machine (Demo Version)
  12. Deadlines & Diets (Version 2)
  13. Love Machine (CD:UK Edit)
  14. The Show (Popworld Edit)
  15. I'll Stand By You (TV Edit)
  16. Wake Me Up (‘Off The Record’ Edit)


  1. Love Machine (Tony Lamezma's Club Mix Radio Edit)
  2. Wake Me Up (Tony Lamezma's “Love Affair” Radio Edit)
  3. The Show (Flip & Fill Remix)
  4. I'll Stand By You (Tony Lamezma's Club Romp Radio Edit)
  5. Love Machine (Gravitas Disco Mix Radio Edit)
  6. Wake Me Up (Flip & Fill Remix)
  7. The Show (Bang Bang Klub Vocal Mix)
  8. I'll Stand By You (Gravitas Vocal Dub Mix Edit)
  9. The Show (Tony Lamezma’s Club Mix)
  10. Wake Me Up (Gravitas Club Mix)
  11. Love Machine (Tony Lamezma's Full-Length Club Mix)
  12. The Show (Bang Bang Klub Alternative Mix)
  13. Wake Me Up (Tony Lamezma’s “Love Affair”)
  14. The Show (Gravitas Club Mix)
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