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La Dispute

Wildlife: Eco-Mix Vinyl 2LP


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Release date: 19 January, 2024

*Eco-Mix vinyl production uses leftover vinyl that's already in the factory, meaning each record is different and the colour is completely random.

La Dispute is an American post-hardcore band formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2004. The band consists of vocalist Jordan Dreyer, guitarist Chad Sterenberg, drummer Brad Vander Lugt, bassist Adam Vass, and guitarist Corey Stroolino. Known for their intense and emotionally charged sound, La Dispute has released ve studio albums to critical acclaim, including "Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair" (2008), "Wildlife" (2011), and "Panorama" (2019). Their music often explores themes of loss, grief, and human relationships through a series of interconnected stories. La Dispute has developed a devoted fanbase and is known for their powerful, unforgettable live performances.

1. A Departure
2. Harder Harmonies
3. St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues
4. Edit Your Hometown
5. A Letter
6. Safer in the Forest/Love Song for Poor Michigan
7. The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit
8. A Poem
9. King Park
10. Edward Benz, 27 Times
11. I See Everything
12. A Broken Jar
13. All Our Bruised Bodies and the Whole Heart Shrinks 
14. You and I in Unison

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