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Margo Guryan

Words And Music: 2CD


Release Date: 7 June, 2024

Witness to revolutions in jazz and pop, Margo Guryan earned her place in the songwriting pantheon and then some. That she was largely unknown for decades is not the stuff of crushed dreams, but a result of her own choices and priorities. From humble beginnings to the peaks of her 1968 baroque pop masterpiece Take a Picture and the collected Demos to the recent viral ubiquity of “Why Do I Cry”, Words and Music captures the entirety of Guryan’s career, featuring 16 previously unreleased recordings and a 32-page booklet telling the whole story.

1. If I Lose
2. You Promised
3. The Wise Man
4. The Morning After#
5. Moon Ride
6. More Understanding Than a Man
7. More Understanding Than a Man (Instrumental)
8. There I Was
9. Kiss & Tell
10. Half-Way In Love
11. Goodbye July
12. Four Letter Words
13. Hurry On Home
14. I Ought To Stay Away From You
15. I Love
16. Under My Umbrella
17. I Don’t Intend To Spend Christmas Without You

1. Sunday Morning
2. Thoughts
3. Love Songs
4. Don’t Go Away
5. Take A Picture
6. Sun
7. What Can I Give You
8. Come To Me Slowly
9. The 8.17 Northbound Success Merry-Go-Round
10. Something’s Wrong With The Morning
11. Think Of Rain
12. Can You Tell
13. Someone I Know
14. Love

1. Why Do I Cry
2. Spanky And Our Gang
3. Most Of My Life
4. It’s Alright Now
5. Timothy Gone
6. The Hum
7. Please Believe Me
8. Yes I Am
9. I Think A Lot About You
10. I’d Like To See The Bad Guys Win
11. Values
12. California Shake
13. Hold Me Dancin’
14. Shine
15. Goodbye July

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