Clarissa Connelly

World of Work: CD


Release Date: 12 April, 2024

Scottish and Danish composer Clarissa Connelly’s debut album on Warp Records, “World of Work”, is set to be released on April 12th. Over the years Clarissa has explored sacred sites and mythology, finding inspiration in Celtic and Nordic culture. For her most recent album, “The Voyager”, Clarissa walked the Scandinavian landscape, channelling melodies from ancient pre-Christian sites. The album received global acclaim and was awarded the prestigious Nordic Music Prize. On “World of Work”, Clarissa explores themes of acceptance and growth, by creating a sonic embroidery, a powerful testimony of her production and composition abilities.


1. Into This, Called Loneliness
2. The Bell Tower
3. An Embroidery
4. Life of the Forbidden
5. Wee Rosebud
6. The Excess of Sorrow, Laughs
7. Turn to Stone
8. Tenderfoot
9. Crucifer
10. S.O.S. Song of the Sword

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