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When Primal Scream's EXTERMINATOR – or XTRMNTR – came out in 2000 as the last album on Alan McGee's legendary Creation Records it made quite a stir. McGee must have told The Scream to let the label 'go out with a bang', and boy did they deliver.

EXTERMINATOR is punk flavoured anarchism mixed with a big beat rumpus, a sonic protest against the self-righteous and unchallenging indie-music of the day. Or, as NME put it: 'rarely has anger been so beautifully managed', as they put it on the #2 spot of the best albums of 2000 (only losing out to Radiohead's Kid A). .

With "EXTERMINATOR" The Scream produced war you can dance to, proving themselves ahead of their time. .

Available on 180 grams audiophile vinyl again for the first time since its original release! .

180 grams audiophile vinyl


A1 Kill All Hippies (4:58)
A2 Accelerator (3:40)
A3 Exterminator (5:54)

B1 Swastika Eyes (Jagz Kooner Mix) (7:04)
B2 Pills (4:16)
B3 Blood Money (7:01)

C1 Keep Your Dreams (5:23)
C2 Insect Royalty (3:32)
C3 MBV Arkestra (If They Move Kill 'Em) (6:41)

D1 Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers Mix) (6:33)
D2 Shoot Speed / Kill Light (5:19)
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