Niamh Bury

Yellow Roses: Yellow Vinyl LP


Release Date: 29 March, 2024

Niamh Bury is at the very forefront of Irish folk music’s revival. Bury deftly pairs her luminescent, instantly recognizable voice with a nuanced signwriting sensibility that draws inspiration from folk, indie, and jazz and draws upon inspirations from artists such as Anna Mieke, Billie Marten and Big Thief. Signing with illustrious Irish folk label Claddagh Records in the early part of 2023, Bury spent much of the year establishing herself as one of the nation’s most exciting emerging artists. With the release of Yellow Roses on Friday, 29th March, fans can expect to hear 10 considered and lovingly-crafted songs that conjure maps of conversations with oneself, loved ones, imaginary characters and those who have passed on to other worlds. Each is an attempt to arrive at some kind of empathy, understanding and acceptance. The music is both lush and spacious, giving the listener room to swim, dip or fly between verses. 

Of her impending debut album release, Niamh Bury says: “I’m so excited to be releasing this collection of songs I’ve had with me for some time. I’m very proud of it and the wonderful people who worked on it with me. I learned so much making it, and feel very lucky to be letting it out into the world.

1. Discovery
2. Beehive
3. Who Am I To Tell Him
4. Bite The Bridle
5. Pianos In The Snow
6. Simmering Pots
7. Ballad Of Margaret Road
8. Yellow Roses
9. Lovely Adam
10. Budapest

Vinyl LP